Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent buys!!!

I've been a busy girl lately! I have been kept really busy by all my classes, but I have had time to find some great things! I've been treated by my mom to several (lots) of cute tops- pictures to come! and I've also do some shopping on my own. I've been working on improving my complexion lately, so I've bought Beauty Friends masks, new moisturizer that fights acne, and a skin lightener to help turn my skin back into what it was in high school. Why is it the moment we start trying to look out best, our skin goes haywire on us? My skin was beautiful all through high school, but college has changed that. Dark spots under my eyes, pores over my nose, and acne every time I get stressed. You can set a calendar by my skin- if its time for exams, my skin is worse than any 16 year old.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Two nights ago, my mom surprised me big time and bought a Wii! She got it for the whole family, but still, I have been having sooo much fun playing with it! We only the sports pack that comes with the Wii and Wii Fit right now, but I will soon be on the hunt for new games... Right now, I'm sore from doing all sorts of crazy moves on it- tennis and the hula hoop games have got my good!

I did drop one of my classes, I just couldn't keep up with the course work it was assigning me. It hurts every time that I have to drop a class, this isn't the first time I've done that, but every time it feels like I'm some massive failure that won't ever graduate. The good thing is that I won't have to load up on classes next semester, I was only going to have 12 hours before I drop this one, so I'll have 15 now.

I didn't go to my hair appointment after all, I ended up calling and telling them that I couldn't go... in the end, I chickened out...