Saturday, July 31, 2010

nom nom nom~

My family and I always go out on Friday night to eat, and last night we decided to try a Chinese place thats about 30 min. away that we heard was quite good. I didn't know how fancy or casual this place would be, so I tried for something neutral but cute:

Crappy pic is crappy, sorry! 
In the end, I was wayyyy over dressed! As soon as I saw the outside, I was *_*;;;;;  massive clothing fail. I would have been much more "at home" with a dirty t-shirt and ragged jeans~ yikes... at least I felt pretty?
The food... was good, but we have local Chinese places that are just as good here in our town, so we probably won't go back unless we are close by already for some reason. 
I'm still working on trying to find a good layout, so pardon the prolonged mess. Trying to figure out CSS has been a bit hard for me, given that I kind of suck at computer stuff to begin with. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to: make a bento/ drawstring bag.

 So, to balance my earlier sad post, I'm going to post up a tutorial! I found this tutorial out somewhere on the web, but it was a bit hard to follow, so I was going to make my own, even took pics, but then they just sat on my computer forever... so here they are!

Sad post is very sad...

This is a post that I have been meaning to do for several weeks, but just haven't been able to write it yet.
I'll cut this so those who don't want to don't have to read it... but there is talk of putting pets to sleep under there...


I'm trying to figure out the best way to add quick pics to the pardon me while I play around...
I wore this dress out to eat Mexican tonight. I love this dress for easy summer fashion, no need to worry about co-ordinating a whole outfit, it comes my underarms if I forgot to shave and its modest but cute- perfect!

Pardon the mess...

I've been a very bad blogger, haven't I? Well, I'm going to try and turn that around really soon.
In the mean time, I'm working on revamping the layout of the blog, so don't worry if something looks different every time you come back! Right now I'm working on the header mostly, and its about to drive me crazy! I know it won't fit in with the silly animals on the background, but I love me some cute cupcakes, and its my blog anyways... I can do what I want right?
*I'm trying to add tags to most of the more common post subjects, so you can check them out on the side bar. *I've also added the search function so you can find a specific word... do tell me if it doesn't work?
*I've also added a "reactions" option down at the bottom of my posts, so you can give your opinion of the post without ever having to type a review... as a very lazy commenter myself, I'm hoping that this motivates my fellow stalkers (not that there are any... hehehe tiny blog is tiny!) to at least give me an idea of what you like, so I can post more of it.
* I've got through and "cut" or "jumped" a lot of entries, most of them are either very long, or just boring, and I didn't want to be cluttering up the blog. you can find more writing after the "this got long... more?" text.