Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such a long time...

Its been awhile between posts, sorry about that... I've been trying to get my computer back up and running after reformatting the hard drive, and I'm slowly getting there. I'll try to give a nice post tomorrow or Saturday, since its Friday night outfit~
Other than that, not much going on right now, I've been applying like mad for a bunch of jobs, but so far no luck. I'm trying really hard to keep positive, but things certainly aren't happy in my little bank account... ugh. I guess this is why we save for the hard times, but I just don't like dipping into the savings... bah!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Computer woes~

Err, I just typed up a post, but my computer ate it...
The jist of it was that I've had to reformat my hard drive, and that I'll be absent for a little bit as I try to get everything set back right. With any luck I'll have a new post up for you before the week is done.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Still working on it...

I'm still fighting with the design templates, so continue to expect changes... now back to your regularly scheduled  entry:

I think I might have some luck off this round of applications! I've got no less than 3 to fill out tonight, and another three outstanding. I think at least one of the outstanding three might get a nibble- I've been by to talk to the manager informally twice, and I think she really liked it the second time I stopped by. Thats just a part time job, but she has already put forth that they would be willing to work around a full time work schedule... hmm 2 jobs at once? I think I could handle it- goodness knows my finances need the help.

Man I really hope at least one job works  out- one or two of them are at my mother's own workplace, so if that inside connection doesn't work, I just don't know what will. Several are even directly related to my BSBA, which is great, cause hey, I went to university for something right?  I might even get to work to help small businesses! I love small businesses- they really are the backbones of our communities. Did you know that something like 70% of Americans are employed by small businesses? That is a LOT of people.

Ok, thats all I want to say right now, don't want to jinx myself somehow- usually I don't say anything at all about job applications, just because NONE of them have so far worked out, and I don't really like for everyone to know that I've tried sooo many times, but I'm going to try to be optimistic.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Watch out for debris!

Just a note to let you all know that I'm trying one more time to edit the layout and header... last time I gave up after the background image refused to co-operate, but I'm determined this time to get it right!

Also, you may be interested in knowing that since I am planning to welcome a Dollfie at some point (you know, when I actually have the money...) I have given her her own little space. Right now there won't be much going on, but hopefully sometime soon will see her arrival. You can find the new blog here! Rest assured, this blog won't take over my life or anything,  it will probably updated far less than this one- I just wanted a place where I could talk about Dollfie without mucking up this blog, and somewhere that she won't be off-topic, like on Den of Angels...

Friday night pics~

It really really feels like Fall! I'm so excited by the weather lately, I just love the turning of the seasons. I wore jeans tonight- it feels so novel, wearing jeans without risking boiling inside of them. I really, really liked how my makeup and hair turned out tonight, so my usual before dinner outfit shot turned into a small round of cam-whoring, but oh well. I don't take great pictures too often, so while the camera was being kind to me I took advantage of it!
Full outfit shot

Every photo session must have at lest one stupid pose with victory hands, yes? You can see a bit of my Tiffany bracelet here- man I love it. I had just cleaned it too, so it was nice and shiny. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

A fast week

How fast the week has gone by! Its mostly rained all week, and while I usually don't like rain, I haven't really minded it. I guess its because its been so long since we last had rain, and we need it so badly that I just can't help but want more to keep coming. Not too much though- it would be terrible to go straight from drought to flood (feast or famine principle I suppose)!

I've been slowly but steadily working on my dress, all I have left is the hem and serging the raw edges, oh and the button holes, which I still don't have buttons for. Oops... I'm not in any true hurry it get it done at least, its too summery to wear now with fall on us, but it will be waiting when warm weather returns next year~
Want a sneak peek?
So cute! 
Well, thats going to have to be it for this post, I'm super sleepy, and my bed is just calling my name!