Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm such a bad girl...

School is in full swing, and I'm wayy over worked! It sucha good thing that I don't have a "real" job to take up my time!
With just one semester left after this one, I am defiatly in a race to the finish now. I had a oh SHIT! moment today when I realized that I had missed a deadline to turn in a paper. Much begging and groveling is to now to be done. I hope to turn it in tomorrow.

In much more fashionable news, I have an appointment on Friday for a hair extension consultation! Only problem is that I have two midterms and a 20 page paper due next week, in addition to other stuff that has to be done. I'm not sure that I'm going to go- really depends on if I can get LOTS of work done tomorrow. I'm going to the library and just spending the day there, as long as I can stay productive. That 20 page paper? havent really started it.....yikes. AS of right now, I'm going to be spending my Friday at the library too, instead of the hair salon. It wouldn't be so bad if the salon wasn't and hour and a half away.

In international news, my sister boarded a plane this morning to move to Korea. I'm happy for her, but sad because one of my best friends just moved to another country...

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