Friday, November 27, 2009

Home for the holidays

Yay for not taking forever to update!!!!!!
(Pictures of the furisode are on my to-do list, but right now, there are other things that I working on)

So, its November 27th , Black Friday! For most people, that means going crazy at the local mall, but I have crazy of a different kind- Christmas crazy! Since my family is Christian, we celebrate Christmas every year. This year so shaping up to be a very subdued Christmas, my mother has already finished putting up the outdoor decorations, and in just about an hour, I'm going to start on the indoor ones. I love decorating for the holidays, and while putting our 7.5 foot tree is a lot of work, once its decorated and the gifts are all piled up underneath it, there is nothing more beautiful!

I did do some shopping this week, though, so its not like I'm not getting ready for the holidays!
Throughout the week, I have eBayed to buy my female relatives and past co-workers glass pendants for necklaces. Everyone has a different design, and the best part is that none o them cost over $2, so I can add still afford more gifts for them. I love giving and receiving gifts- when people tear into the wrapping paper, not knowing whats on the other side- I love it; that moment of discovery.

On Wednesday, I got new glasses! I've had bad vision my whole life, but its only been in the last 2 years that I have begun to see my frames as a fashion accessory. My old glasses still work just fine for me, I didn't actually need a new pair, but I wanted to change up the look, so I got new ones! Insurance covered most of the cost, so they weren't that expensive either. The frames are really cute and different:

I don't remember the tortoise shell on the front, the pair that I got were just black, so I'm going to be really made if it turns out that the display pair was a fluke and not an actual representation of how the real frames look. You can't really tell, but on the sides there are little details, two tiny pink rhinestones at the front, and over the ear piece, larger rhinestone stars. The only thing that I don't like is the brand- Juicy Couture. I usually try to avoid this brand, I just don't like the way its marketed where I live.

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