Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chirstmas news, the year in review

So, its been awhile since you heard from me! oops T_T;;; I'm going to fix that that right now!
First order of business- after three months, my sister is home from S. Korea. It turned out that the company that she was working for was not so great, and so she said enough is enough and came home. She actually left on Christmas day Korea time, and got home to us on Christmas day NC time! So, she spent Christmas in four separate countries with all of her layovers and stuff! Pretty neat huh? It was by far the best Christmas ever. We didn't even know for sure until Christmas Eve that she was 100% coming home.

Also for Christmas I got tons of new clothes, and a really, really cute ring with my initials on it. I've only been asking for one for about four years btw.... I had gotten one over the summer, but this one is much, much nicer that my older one. I'm going to save this one for special occasions, though, I'm much to harsh on sterling silver to wear such a nice ring everyday!
Still waiting to hear back from JET, this year over 5,300 people sent in applications! Seriously freaking out over this.... and it wont be until late January/ early February that I hear back on it!!!!!! *_*;;;;;;
Lets see... what else has been going on?
I got my new glasses in- super cute!
I've started doing my own acrylics and nail art. Right now I've got pearls and glitter on, but it's not amazing looking, so I won't bother showing you. However, I do have plenty of stuff coming in soon, including 3D nail art molds, so stay tuned for a review on that, along with some hopefully really cute nail art! I made another order from Yuki too, so deco items are on the way too! I would love to totally redo my phone, but until I get more protector, I won't risk my phone.
I'm also out of a job right now T_T So no money makes for a very frugal Syd... the nail supplies were a splurge. Thankfully, most for the Christmas presents I gave this year were either really cheap (but din't look it ;)) or paid for with money from my 22nd b-day.
Yep, you saw that right- buttons & lace is 22! SOOOOO OLDDD *0*
Then again, I practically had a mid life crises when I turned 20... no, seriously- I did. Practically turned my life around to who I am today. Before that, I was T-shirt wearing, no style, hair all a mess nobody. I'm still a nobody, but at least now I've got some style- and class (but I save that for the important stuff ;))
Enough about that- I've already talked about that in much more detail.
I've also babbled on enough! Soooo Happy New Year- make this one extra special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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