Friday, November 20, 2009


Ahh! It's been so long since I updated!!!!
 EDIT: Obviously, I didn't make it through. I'm trying to keep a positive face about it, and moving on. I can't really say if I will ever apply again, I just don't know right now.
You can read more below, its mostly unrelated. Promise I don't get moody and sad after the cut.

In my defense, school is killing me... I have another test in negotiation on Monday, and I'm not looking forward to it at all. But it will soon be over, and with any luck, I will be a JET participant in Japan! I'm soooooo nervous, I sent my application packet yesterday, only four days before the deadline, and it probably won't get there until Monday, the day before the deadline- talk about cutting it to close!

Since I can't focus on that topic for too long without freaking myself out, I'll gush over the beauty that came in the mail last Thursday! My furisode came!!!!!!!!!!!! It's actually in better shape than I though that it would be, coming from kyoto.antiques- the only real undocumented damage in a color run in one of the white squares- nothing major. There is some dye fading in the green sections as I had feared, so I know that as anything other than a funky vintage kimono I won't be able to wear it, but thankfully, with Japan's quirky million and one ways to waer kimono, I know that it will be possible (I'm thinking slightly kimono-hime). Of course, here in the states, I should be able to wear it just as normal and nobody will every be the wiser over the dye fading. I'm looking for the perfect obi at the moment, and try not to blow all my money on the pretties up on eBay. There is one that I LOVE, but it turns out hte background on that one is a light gold, not the white or cream that I thought it was originally which kinda throws off the colors- cause come on- gold and orange?! so yeah... still working on that one.
As soon as I get off my lazy ass and take pictures of the furisode, you'll be the first to see them, which reminds me that I haven't been over to IG in several days, and have yet to spazz over there about my furisode.

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