Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sad post is very sad...

This is a post that I have been meaning to do for several weeks, but just haven't been able to write it yet.
I'll cut this so those who don't want to don't have to read it... but there is talk of putting pets to sleep under there...

On June 239th we had to put our youngest cat Bandit to sleep. Like Lucky and Otis, she had kidney failure, but unlike them, she only had one kidney. My dad took her to the vet on Monday because she hadn't been feeling well (not knowing that it would turn out this way), and on Tuesday we went to see her, knowing that she was very bad off. It was heartbreaking seeing her there.... she was crying and it was easy to tell that she wasn't really all here;  so we did all we could for her in the end, and let her go.
It was all so sudden. Our vets said they had never seen a cat go so fast before. All of her blood values were way above what they should have been, one was like 100s of times what normal cats are. All of that made it easy to see on paper, and medically what we could see in person as her owners, so the decision to let her go was easy, but it hurt SO much. We didn't even know that she was in kidney failure. She had been tested before and shown positive, but further test made it seem a false positive, so we thought she was healthy.
I still miss her, she was such a sweetheart. Bandit only cuddled on her terms, but when she did... she was a big fat bundle of fluff. She spent plenty of nights sleeping at my feet, and would demand to be let out of my room by yelling at me- of course, I had to get up and carry her to the door as well as open it for her- Bandit always got what she wanted.

She peed in my car once.Just once, I never took her on a car ride again- except for the return trip to the one she peed during. I can't even really be mad about it, because she had to be bathed when I got to my apartment...

She was simply too funny looking to stay mad at her! My mom was able to find some upholstery cleaner that took the smell right out of my car seats too, so very thing turned out fine in the end.

She was just the right size to dress up in Breer's puppy clothes too, once Breer grew out of them:

When we left the vets' office on the way home, a rainbow appeared. I guess Bandit really did cross over the rainbow bridge that day. For some reason, just seeing that rainbow, it really did help me feel better. We buried her next to her brothers, and put her favorite toy balls with her, so she can play with them forever.

And healing came in another way too, on July 4th, we brought home a new kitten. Yep, she is black, just like Bandit and Lucky, but we think she is going to be short haired.

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