Saturday, July 31, 2010

nom nom nom~

My family and I always go out on Friday night to eat, and last night we decided to try a Chinese place thats about 30 min. away that we heard was quite good. I didn't know how fancy or casual this place would be, so I tried for something neutral but cute:

Crappy pic is crappy, sorry! 
In the end, I was wayyyy over dressed! As soon as I saw the outside, I was *_*;;;;;  massive clothing fail. I would have been much more "at home" with a dirty t-shirt and ragged jeans~ yikes... at least I felt pretty?
The food... was good, but we have local Chinese places that are just as good here in our town, so we probably won't go back unless we are close by already for some reason. 
I'm still working on trying to find a good layout, so pardon the prolonged mess. Trying to figure out CSS has been a bit hard for me, given that I kind of suck at computer stuff to begin with. 

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