Monday, August 2, 2010

How to look at work, as told by me

Since I am currently seeking employment, I spend quite a chunk of my day online sifting through help wanted ads and various employment websites. When I'm not doing that, I am doing any number of other things, but searching out cute office fashions is a hobby of mine. I love the idea of combining some of the frilly lolita brands to create a super feminine look that stands out in a crowd. I see so often on other blogs that folks feel that they can't wear what they really want to to work just because it came from a lolita brand and it makes me want to jump up and down and yell yes you can! You just have to choose the right pieces. Sure you probably can't bust out your  favorite Angelic Pretty jumper skirt at your Micky Ds part time, but you can work on your office "casual" attire. Some uber strict workplaces probably won't be happy with any thing short of a full on suit, but for those that allow some personal creativity....

Victorian Maiden and Innocent World both have more serious looks, and I really like both of them for choosing jumper skirts and dresses as office wear.
This jumper skirt (hereafter abbreviated as JS)  is really cute with a toned down blouse, and replace the tights with a more neutral pair or hose, and you too can rock Innocent World at work! Its rather plain for lolita, but as cute office wear, it makes me happy. The only serious problem that I see with this JS is that it might be too short for some offices, it looks to be well above knee length.
This JS from Victorian Maiden would also be great for the office.
Look how cute it is paired with a jacket! You may not want to choose this exact one, but a plain grey one would be just as cute.

For those that feel that the JS or dress might be pushing things too far, there are plenty of other options. Skirts are a really easy way to make your closet cuter. You probably already wear skirts to work, so why not use the ones that come from lolita brands?

This one from Victorian Maiden even has ruffles! I love grey because you can match it with white for a crisp look, or go with black for a slightly more edgy look.
Innocent World shows you how to match for a week at the office. You may not choose to go with green, but this skirt does come in other colors.

As I was picking out pics for this post, I noticed that I was pulling up more stuff from Innocent World than any other place (amongst the brand stores) so you may want to start your search there if you feel like wearing lolita at work.
Look, they even offer a fully coordinated outfit!

The other place that I often find myself looking at is FanplusFriend, but I have never personally shopped there before, and one or two of their things are blatant knock-offs, so be careful if you buy. I will probably order one or two things to get  an idea of their quality when I do manage to find my job, but until then, a few pics of the stuff I like most...
Well, actually you only get one pic, because the site went down for maintenance as I typed this post.
Thats all for now! Just remember, just because it comes from a lolita brand, you don't have to leave your favorite outfits at home while you work. You may have to test the waters of your office, some places are more strict than others. I always say better safe than sorry, so ask a coworker or your boss if you are unsure on the dress code. Just to cover my own ass: These are all just my personal opinions, and I can't promise that what I think is what others will agree with.

Coming up soon is another post on office fashion, this time centered around "normal" brands, including those offered by and Ann Taylor. is a online retailer offering many different Asian brands that cover all ranges of formality and styles, and Ann Taylor is an awesome brand from the US that I love. Its slightly more upscale than my normal fav brands, but for office wear you can't really choose a better place to start.

 I also have a few product reviews to write, centering around the question: Do those cheap beauty products you see in stores such as T.J. Maxx and Ross really work?

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