Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the Frankenstein dress

So today I tackled something I've been wanting to do for quite some time: I recreated my favorite black dress. The black dress is stating to show its age, and in another year it might have to be retired, so yesterday I traced out all the different parts of the dress. I didn't go any further than that because we had family over for dinner, and I was dead tiered by the time they left.
Today, I took those weird pattern pieces that I made, cut them out of fabric, and went to work.
All ready and waiting to be stitched up!
First thing that I did was pin everything together to see if it would actually match up:
Stuck together beside its pattern "donor" Can you see the resemblance? 
Then, oh so carefully, I tried it on to check the preliminary fit.
Wow it looks bad, but it did fit, as much as if could at this stage.
The next step was to figure out just how everything fit together, and what needed gathers where (the original dress has gathers). I wasn't sure if it the dress pattern that I got from the donor would actually transfer the extra material that allowed gathers, but it did! So now I have gathers in the same places as my black dress.  Once the gathers were figured out, I actually had to make the gathers, which probably took at least 1.5 hours, it might have been longer. after that, it was just sewing everything together. 
The front, gathered and stitched together, waiting for the rest of the dress.
A sleeve! I was so proud of myself, getting the sleeves figured out and attached all on my own.
I've mostly got it finished now, just some trim work and the ties for the bow left to do. I put them off until tomorrow, I was staring to get a bit tired, and a fresh mind in the morning might help. 

I'm going to help clean my grandmother's house tomorrow, so I have to get up early, but who knows what I'm going to bring back? Maybe some fabric? Maybe food (my grandmother can't let anybody leave without giving them food) maybe nothing, but its been a while since I last saw her, and I want to see her. 

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