Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opps, been a while...

I'm so sorry! I got slightly busy this week, and haven't really bothered to take out some time to make a new post. I have a really good defense though, I made a dress, nearly found a job and am getting used to/ fixing a new sewing machine.
While I haven't started on that pattern that I posted up a few days ago, I did take some time to make a totally different one.
It looks almost nothing like the "pattern" that I used...
I started on it late Monday afternoon, I think all I got done that day was the serging on the skirt and the ironing the hems and I might have stitched the skirt and gathered it, I can't really remember. On Tuesday I got the top more or less finished, and then set to work trying to figure out exactly how I wanted the skirt gathered. I pinned it all together that night too. Today I actually sewed the thing together and hemmed the skirt, because I realized that I hadn't done it yet. Once I had it on for that first time, I was like nope, this doesn't look good... so my mom and I decided that a belt was in order... so I made a belt. It wasn't supposed to be hard, but then I managed to un-thread the serger as I was doing the sides of the belt, and getting it back right took forever.  All told, I might have spent 10 hours on it, including stopping to fix/thread the machines and to rip out seams that didn't look right and do them again. It could probably be done in one go if a more experienced seamstress was working on it, nothing was too hard, technique wise.
Mia acting like she isn't doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing, even as I take a picture of her doing it. Isn't she cute? 
I'm super late posting my Friday night outfit this week, its almost Friday again! 
I felt like wearing more fall outfit, so I wore jeans for the first time in weeks. I didn't actually go out with the cuffs of my jeans rolled up, btw, it was just a bit damp outside as I was walking the dog for the last time and I didn't want to get them wet.

Wow this has been a long and random post, hasn't it? My brain is just kind of mush... I think I'm going to bed early tonight! 
I'll leave you with a preview of a gift my grandmother gave me today~
It may look odd and boring, but it really made my day!

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