Sunday, September 5, 2010

I just couldn't wait to get my sewing machine back...

SO I snatched my mother's to use upstairs for a bit. Usually using her machine means setting it up on the covered-up  dining table, but I wasn't feeling like going through all that trouble, so I asked if I could bring it up.

But first! I finally got a picture of my in my dress that I made. I wore it Friday night (a steak place, with just my parents and sister- my aunt was sick, so her family didn't come this week) and to my grandmother's house for dinner tonight for Labor day.
Sorry its so dark, I forgot to take a picture in daylight. 
Whats this? you ask- isn't your bed usually behind you? Why yes it is! But I re-arranged the furniture in my room, so now the desk is behind me. This way I get the most sunlight out of my tiny window sitting at my desk. 
My bed used to sit there! (notice the uber small window)
And my bed, where my desk used to be.
So what am I so impatient to finish up that I just couldn't wait the two weeks it might be to get my sewing machine back?
Observe the (abridged) pile of stuff to finish...
I have already finished that first fabric- I wanted something that would hold my threads...
Again- the lack of sunlight did not help- and I just couldn't get the pic to lighten any!
Thats just a variating on the bento bags that I've made before, longer and more narrow this way. I can also use it as a trash bag if I put a plastic bag in there, so it does double duty! 

I'm still waiting to hear back from a prospective job, I really hope I get a call soon, I need to fund those sewing machine repairs! 

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