Thursday, September 2, 2010

Its a sewing machine!

My grandmother sent me a sewing machine! That might not be salvageable, but more on that later...
Tada~ Isn't it pretty?... no!? well, olive green isn't exactly my color either, but beggars can't be choosers!
The colors are a bit off in that pic, see this one...
This is more like it. (I sticky noted it because I don't have a manual, and was trying to mark down the function of everything) 
This machine is probably from the 60s or 70s, so its getting on in age, I took it to the mechanic today to get it serviced and fixed up. The bobbin winder is broken/ not moving from age, so hopefully it can be fixed. The mechanic did tell me that if the bobbin winder can't be fixed its pretty much scrap, so I'm really hoping that he can get it running. 
Funny story: when I called to ask about getting it serviced I asked if the store worked on vintage machines, and the lady asked me how old I meant by vintage. I told her it was from the 60s or 70s and she just laughed and laughed! Once she calmed down she told me "thats not vintage at all!" and told me she didn't think that 40-30 years was that old. (I still call it a vintage machine, its old! But vintage sounds better...imo) When I brought my machine in to the store, she and the mechanic had another laugh at me calling it vintage, and the mechanic joked that it was older than him (its not, btw, I think he predates it by a good 20 years). It was all in good fun, I wasn't  particularly upset by it, I actually responded to her at one point "its olive green! You can't possibly call it new! She agreed that the color was certainly dated, and I left hoping to get some good news soon. That mechanic was able to tell me more about the machine in under a minute than what I reverse-engineered working with it the better part of yesterday afternoon and night! 
I had to consider if it was worth getting fixed, as it is rather old, but the mechanic assured me that if the bobbin winder can be fixed it will run for years yet and should be a great machine to learn on, so I will have it fixed if it can be. 
Doesn't it just look solid? Like it could withstand anything I could throw at it. 

I have soooo many pictures of it! I was trying to make sure I had the threading saved... I took pictures and wrote down how it was threaded so that I can re-thread it once I get it back (being positive).  One of my favorite pictures is this one:
I just love it for some reason, I think it has this artsy feel to it... 

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