Thursday, August 26, 2010

Even MORE fabric!

I got new fabric today! My dad came back from my grandmother's house with his truck full of boxes of fabric. Even the bed of his truck had boxes. The bad thing is that I only found out about the fabric about 20 minutes before he had to take the unwanted stuff to another lady's house (she goes to our church, and runs her own sewing business, so the fabric doesn't go to waste) so I didn't have very long to go though everything. My mother was also watching me go through it this time, and if there is one thing in the world my mother hates its clutter, so I had to go pretty light on the pickings anyway. Most of the fabric he had were knits or not suitable to being made into clothing, so that helped too.
I did get a fair amount of scraps for my rag bag:
So bright! I would have loved to find more of the pink plaid and the yellow piece whit the heart flowers! Age appropriateness can be damned, I would make something out of that yellow piece in an instant if I had more- maybe something like a summer dress...
I think that these were supposed to be part of a window treatment, but all I can see is  some really awesome trim on a funky skirt or dress.
A pattern! That I can't use because it's too small... my bust requires a size 14... T_T (I swear that this picture was right side up, but Blogger refuses to show it that way) I'll probably just send it off the next time my dad carries more fabric to the seamstress.
I'm not 100% on this fabric, I might send it off to the seamstress too...but there is definitely enough here for me to make something out of if I want to.
Another iffy one... I'm thinking a dress if I do keep it.
This one isn't going anywhere! I love it. Pink roses... need I say any more? Its not cotton, and I'm going to have to think on what to use it for... it may be that there is only enough to make a skirt out of, so I'll have to check.
Another one I love. The circles remind me of shippo, which are one of my favorite Japanese motifs (you can find out lots more about treasure motifs here, of which shippo is meant to be a representation of seven). This fabric is a nice thick shiny synthetic, more suited to fall or winter wear. I'm not sure if I have enough to make a  dress out of it, I may just have enough for a skirt. Thats ok, because I like skirts, and I have much better luck find tops that I like in stores than I do skirts or pants, so if I end up making a ton of skirts I might just have a good selection to choose from.
 This fabric is completely sheer, and definitely meant to be worn with something underneath. I actually got a pattern in those magazines that uses just such a fabric as a top layer on a dress, so I'll look to see if I have enough to make that pattern probably.
Tada~ just when I needed it, I got several yards of sweatshirt material. I'll use this to make up my first try at the patter that I posted about last night. The picture looks like it was made using a fleece for the magazine, but I think this should be similar enough.
 I also got a circular knitting needle sized 6 ( I didn't have one before, and I had wanted one that size), a snap making tool, snaps, a crochet hook, an embroidery hoop and an assortment of buttons:
 Just some of the random stuff that I got.
By far, however, was the lace! I got a ton of lace! I LOVE the stuff, I didn't choose to name my blog Buttons and Lace for nothing... I just love lace, and though that it summed up my tastes pretty well. 
The bottom lace is a favorite of mine, I just love how detailed and delicate it looks. 

I love the boldness of the pattern on the top lace, it just demands attention. 
So much! I'm going to have fun with all of it...
As I was putting up the fabric I found a little bag with this stuffed inside. Those butterflies are just darling! The lace is sooo small, I just loved it instantly. The crochet hook gives a bit of scale- I think it must be meant for either children's clothing or for small trim given the size. 
Random rickrack and trim that I picked out. I grabbed a brown bag that had all of this jumbled up inside. I grabbed it for the brown and white ruffles, but the red and white trim could add a fun accent somewhere. The red white and blue... that may be given away. 

Well... I have a kitten demanding attention at the moment, so I should probably end this here and give her some. We went to see a baseball game this evening and she hasn't quite forgiven us for her consequently late supper. 

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