Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Series: Do "off-brand" beauty products really work?

I'm back with another cheap beauty product review!
This time its Lantern's Herbal Formula Active Softening Essence.
Supposedly its full of natural ingredients that will help your skin become baby's butt soft. I threw away the box  it came in that had all the ingredients listed on it, sorry *_*;;;
I would give this one a 6/10
I know 100% for sure that this does have lots of aloe in it, I cam smell it every time I put it on. I like the smell, but it does get slightly annoying to smell aloe everywhere you go- although it kinda makes me feel like I'm at the beach.  It does feel very good on sunburnt or dry skin, but I haven't really noticed that it has softened my skin any.  All in all, if you happen to see this product and you need something for a sunburn in a pinch go for it. If however, you don't, then you can just leave it on the shelves. 
You can try to find out more about the Lantern here, but when I visited the page it had a few bad links. 

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