Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday night

Its Friday night! That means that my family and I are once again out and about searching for great food!
This week we went to the local hibachi type place...... and it was SUPER AMAZING AWESOME GREAT FOOD!!!!!!!!
First, what I wore:
Look ma, no pants! I really did feel a bit naked with such a short hemline... but I was wearing modesty shorts underneath.
The food... it was really great tonight. My sister and I split a bolgogi order and it came with the meat, a shrimp, large serving of rice, noodles and a salad and soup! It was an insane amount of food. The bolgogi  (is that even how its spelled.. idk) and shrimp was the only thing that we truely split, everyone else got two shrimp- and we got one each and then the beef was split. Oh, and we also split a spider roll. So wayyyyy too much food in total. Normally I'm known as the girl that ALWAYS has room for desert, but not tonight!

When we got home, I got my dad to help me set up the VHS/DVD player. I recently switched TVs with my sister, so I had to get another DVD player. The good thing about updating technology is that we always have an extra of everything laying around, even if it is slightly outdated. When we got a Blue ray player recently, it freed up another one so I can use it now.
Of course, the real upside for me is that I can now watch my favorite childhood movies in my room.
Yep, my favorite childhood movie is The Last Unicorn! 
When I was a child, I would rent the tape from the movie store so often that my mom finally just asked them to order a copy so she could buy it! 
Thats not the only movie that I LOVE from my childhood...
I wasn't around when this movie actually came out... and to this day I don't know how we ended up with this tape, but I love it. I never really watched the series, but I have done my best to wear this tape out over the years. 
My favorite Disney movie! My sister and I would sit together and watch this sooo often. We would sing along with all the songs. 
My movie watching set up. Since the TV takes up the whole top of the chest, the DVD/VHS player sits on a side table. 

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