Sunday, August 8, 2010

Series: Do "off-brand" beauty products really work? & Weekend in review

Hello! Hope everyone's weekend is going great.
I've had a pretty slow weekend, my sister's friend has come to stay with us for several days, so I have to actually look like a human being for a few days.  Usually if I am just at home with my family I will wear whatever comes to hand and matches first. I DO NOT dress style over comfort at home... so I look kind of ehhh, not great. Since we have a visitor though, I kind of need to look decent.... 
But enough about that. 
I have been baking!~
How awesome do they look? I'm so proud of myself for taking this picture! 
Now if only they had tasted as good as they looked...
My next baking project is either going to be mochi or macaroons. Big dreams for someone who can't bake worth a darn... but I want to try! 

I've got another product review for you too! 
This time its Venus' Wrinkle Preventing Super Moisturizing Cream.  You can get it here (just to cover my backside, I've never shopped for that particular store before. I have however shopped with other stores on the Amazon website.)
It works on the basis that it is a product specifically targeted at young people, to give their skin all the good stuff it needs to stay beautiful before any age/ sun damage can occur. 
I give it a 9/10
I really do love this cream. It DOES super moisturize your skin, and I thought that I could see improvement in the little lines on my forehead and around my eyes and mouth. I do have skin that it just beginning to settle into ageing, and I'm trying my damn hardest to prevent it from happening.  I would use this everyday except for one big problem:
This stuff will clog your skin up!!!!!
Seriously, if I put it on two days in a row I get several bumps and pimples. Its sucks because for me, this product really does work, so I have to use it carefully. 
I think I paid about $4 for the jar, it is a medium sized jar I would say. The scent is really nice to, a light sweet citrus.

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