Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So in my effort to use up more of my fabric stash and learn to sew using a machine, I got my hands on lots of scanned Japanese sewing magazines. I am now in the process of translating/ understanding them (some stuff I get just by looking at the pictures, some I know because of previous experience, and some of it I can "read" well enough to not bother translating). I'm going to post up for help translating/ making sure I've got everything figured out once I get my notes typed on the files, and then once I have everything figured out I'm going to have to draft the pattern. Yes, I did just say draft the pattern! Do I think I can get this right first time around? Not a snowball's chance in hell, but I am going to try. I expect that I will have to try and fail then improve before I get a real wearable garment, but I also expect that doing this will:
 1. Test my Japanese skills, then improve them- after all sewing terminology wasn't covered in my Japanese classes
 2. Teach me me about making up my own pattern from diagrams (I have a sewing technique book that reports that this is actually a easy skill, if you just use a grid to determine how to scale up the piece. We will see about that.)
 3. Test my patience, I like fast results, but this isn't going to be fast or easy.
 4. I'm going to be sewing something more complicated than I skirt- so I have new techniques to learn- like how to sew on armholes.
 Heres what I have my sights set on:
(Left one)
Tada~ roomwear! I actually have a whole magazine full of different roomwear, pjs and comfy clothes! Here is what I've gotten so far on the pattern sheet:
Looks like a bit of a mess right? I still have to make more notes on it and the second sheet, then post it to a couple different boards from help/ feedback. 

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