Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another boring day...

Didn't do to much today. I did go to Greenville to pick up my text books (ouch!), but other than that I just kinda moped around.

You know, there was a time when I didn't care what I wore, but now a days, I'm something of a clothes whore. I don't have tons of clothes- no way! but my closet is definitely getting the proper attention it deserves. I guess you could say that when I got to college and saw all the "glamorous" people around campus, I wanted to look like them. It started off slow, a few new outfits, and trying to work on my makeup, and then by the time I was a sophomore, I was well on my way to looking like a proper pretty girl. I'm still not 100% there, but I am working on it very hard! My skills in the makeup department have definitely improved. I'm no artist yet, but I can put on a pretty face with the rest of 'em.

In high school, I was ugly- no questions there. I cut all my hair off so I didn't have to worry with it, and I never wore anything but jeans and t-shirts. I look back on that time and grimace. I was a few pounds lighter back then too- what I wouldn't give to have my 26 inch waist back! I'm trying hard to lose the weight that college has given me, but its proving to be rather stubborn. I had smaller breasts back then too- I started my freshman year (hs) with a B cup- and I would trade that for my "new" D cup any day! (of course back then, I thought that I would never grow and that I was never going to get any attention from boys, what a difference seven years makes!)

I don't know why I'm posting any of this, but that's just what my fingers felt like typing tonight. I guess its just my way of saying that times change, and we never know whats coming up... or maybe I just felt like talking about my clothes obsession... I don't know.

7 days until school starts!

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