Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Betta fish are like chips...

Today I got two new fish! I have always enjoyed Betta fish, and kept males before, but when my last one died about a year and a half ago, I never did replace it. When I moved back into my parent's house at the start of the summer, I restarted my tank with one female Betta and four new neon tetras to accompany my sole move-surviving one. They have all thrived, and today I went to get another female, as when I got the first one I was unsure if I would like the females as well as I did the males. I found a female immediately, but got sidetracked by the males, and yep, left with one of them too. The new female (Cloud) took to the tank immediately, she seems to approve of her new home. Pearl, the "older" female, isn't too sure if she likes having another of her own kind around. Probably because Pearl is an attention whore, she loves to come to the front of the tank when I'm nearby and chase my finger or just say hi.

Pearl is probably the older of the two, as she is the larger. The male, who I'll call Strife (get it? Cloud Strife!) is living up to the Betta reputation. I wasn't expecting him, so hes got a tank setting up on my desk just for him. Until its ready though, he's going to have to make do with living in the breeding box inside of the big tank. Strife is already older than I would like, his fins are long but I didn't have much choice among males. (and I fell in love with him!) Strife is more of a Sephiroth than a Strife, so his name is still under review.

This post will now transition into shameless pic spamming of the fishies.
Pearl is the blue one at the top, and Cloud is in the middle here.
Strife is his little box. What you can't see is that below him is the school of tetra, and he really wants a peice of them.
A shot of Cloud with Stife behind her.
The best solo picture I could get of Pearl- she does NOT like having her picture taken, for all that she loves human attention. This may be because she ate quite well at dinner, and is slightly bloated. I think tomorrow she's going to have to go light on the food.
And the best picture of the night goes to Cloud, who is quite photogenic. She is much paler in person- not nearly as blue. She and Pearl have the same stripes from head to tail, but you can't really tell in Pearl's photo.

Not pictured in any of these shots are the tetra-taichi, who don't photgraph well, and were being quite shy once the first flash went off.

6 days until school starts.

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