Monday, August 17, 2009


One of my hobbies is collecting and occasionally wearing Japanese kimono. There are many different types of kimono, but the one worn by unmarried women in formal situations is called a furisode. Furisode have long sleeves that mark them different from any other type of kimono. They are also usually brightly patterned, to attract attention to the wearer.

So far, my collection is with out any furisode, as I am very chosey about finding just the right one. Recently, I though that I had found "the one," but it ended up slipping through my fingers when I wasn't careful, and somebody else bought it. I have found quite a few others that may fit my wants since then, so hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to post that I have bought one.

On another note, I did end up buying the moogle phone strap from strapya, along with a Christmas one. I didn't get the Kiba one, but its still in my wish-list, so I may buy when I have more money.

P.S.- I noticed that almost every post in the blog so far has been about shopping. That's going to change once school starts, but right now there isn't that much going on in my life! T_T

8 days until the first day of class!

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