Monday, August 10, 2009

So I love to shop...

I really do love to shop, so what better way to start off my blog than by talking about that? I shop anywhere and everywhere- almost. I'll shop at goodwill, but not Kmart, and consignment shops rather than Walmart, eBay and Target are my best friends. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against Walmart, except that their clothes are ugly, and I haven't actually been in a Kmart in the last six months, and that was only to buy a Christmas gift for someone. I don't like Kmart at all, the ones near me all make me feel like I'm about to get robbed.

I love consignment shops- most people don't like to even think about buying second hand clothes, but to me, whats better than buying a like new Ann Taylor dress for $20? Consignment stores are a step above second hand clothing shops, and almost in another class from Goodwill. Consignment store usually carry brand name and designer goods, so they have "better" stuff, but at higher prices. I used to work in one, and while my boss was a total jerk, I did like my job, not to mention all the great clothes that I bought!

I actually went to Goodwill today, looking for something cute, and managed to find a cute new skirt! The pleats need to be ironed back into shape, and there is one tiny stain I'm going to put Shout on, but other than that its in perfect condition! I really love that it will transition to fall nicely, and I already have the perfect shoes to match it!

I really love flower prints in the fall, they give a happy aspect to my closet! I'm hoping to be able to post even more new additions here shortly, eBay has been very good for finding clothes here lately, and I need new fall clothes! I'm on the hunt for a new wool coat especially. Since the stores haven't started putting those out yet, eBay and other online stores have been my targets, but once the coats are out in stores I may go up to Raleigh and see if I can't find something.

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