Thursday, August 27, 2009

School has started!

So the school year has started off with a bang! I was almost late to my first class on Tuesday due to all the rush on the first day and road work/ poor planning. Thankfully I made it to class on time, though I was late to my next class. I started walking int the direction of were I thought I was supposed to be going, and then realized that I had no clue were the building was! Called my sister who also was a pirate (before she graduated a YEAR early- not fair!), she had no clue where it was, random stranger had no clue where the building was... I was starting to give up hope, and thinking that I was going to have to find one of those sign/maps that are on campus for the visitors when I though about the lady that works in the little convenience stand in one of the buildings. This lady knows everything, I'm convinced! She knew almost right away which building I was talking about, and was able to give me good general directions that took straight where I needed to be (thank goodness)! I only arrived like 10 minuets late, and the professor was very kind about it.

I do have to take a moment to bitch about parking though- it was like everybody who had to be on campus drove and parked in the park and ride lot on Tuesday. I think most of them were probably taking advantage of the get off free/ no tickets until Thursday policy that the university unofficially has, but if its that bad all year I'm going to go nuts! Not only did it take me 10 minuets to find a park, the bus was waayy too crammed! I learned a little what people on Tokyo trains feel like!

On the shopping side of things, my mom bought me a super cute academic calendar on Tuesday to put all my assignments in! Its gold, and I can buy refills so that the exterior part can be reused, so that it will be cute this year and any other year that I feel like buying a calendar for. I also bought another fall/winter sweater tonight. It was kinda an impulse buy, and I'm supposed to be saving my money, but I've been looking at this sweater since last year! It was time to either get the thing or move on! I got a good price on it too, so that helps some. I think that I'm going to be wearing skinny jeans way too often this winter, but with all these super cute oversized tops, its kind of hard to wear normal jeans with them! I just have to find a top that matches my PINK!skinny pants now. And boots... but I've tracked those down, its just a matter of saving the money until I can buy them, which I'm hoping to do maybe next week- depends on if I waitress any on Saturday and if tips are good. Tips were good last week, that's how I was able to afford buying so much this week (that and a little help from my SECU account, but I'm going to put it back, I swear!- just as soon as I'm done shopping for winter things).
Super crappy pic, but I'm too lazy to find a better one right now....
Anyways, I'm not going to promise everyday updates from now on, though I will try to stay as close as possible to everyday.... not that anybody is actually sitting at home going update! update! haha

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