Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but it was kinda a sad day for me, and I didn't feel like putting anything up.
We had a cat, Lucky, who was 10 1/2 years old who died yesterday. Lucky had been battling kidney failure for about 10 months, and yesterday he just couldn't fight it anymore, so we let him go from his pain. As my dad put it, he and Otis (our 13 year old cat who also died from kidney failure) are chasing butterflies together.

Lucky was a solid black cat, with a no nonsense personality. Having said that, he was also likely to do very silly things and dare you to laugh at him. He could curl up in the strangest places, and just look at you as if to say " so you've never seen a cat who wants to curl up (insert place here) before, doesn't mean I'm any less dignified for being here."

We found Lucky as a kitten, he had been hit by a car and left for dead. We though he was dead, but then my mom saw him move and she just couldn't leave him there. In the next year, Lucky would prove himself to be apply named. He survived the hit and run, an infection that set in after that, being allergic to his shots, swallowing a needle and thread, and then, in latter years, running full speed into a bed and knocking himself out. (I still laugh over that, even as I'm typing this.)

Lucky was part of a four cat household, Otis, who left us just over a year before Lucky was the oldest; Patches is seven now, and Bandit the baby of the group at 5 1/2 (she has a birthday coming up on labor day). Patches is the oddball of the group, she came from Wilson county SPCA, all the others were local rescues. Bandit was probably the closest to home to rescue- she was found hanging onto the brick foundation of our house after the lawnmower scared her away from her mother, she had just opened her eyes, and we had to feed her milk for quite a few weeks. Bandit was Lucky's relative somehow, they both come from the same half wild/ half tame local black cat colony.

I wasn't home yesterday when my parents took Lucky to the vet, but my mom told my that my dog, Breer, seemed to know what was going on. I'm told she whined and whimpered as they loaded Lucky up and left. At the vet's they gave Lucky a seditive before letting him go, and my mom said he stuck his tongue out as he went to sleep- my dad says he was sticking his tongue out at the world. Knowing Lucky, he probibly was.

Lucky will be missed, but I know what we did was for the best. He's happy again now, somewhere accost the rainbow bridge, chasing butterflies with Odie. In this world he and Otis are buried side by side, brothers until the last.

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